Larkin/Volpatt Communications is an integrated marketing communications firm with a very simple philosophy - Think before you Do. Our experience proves that implementation is much more successful when you integrate focused research and sound strategy into the planning process. Just read our case studies and hear what our clients have to say.

Microsoft turns to Larkin/Volpatt to understand the opportunity for enterprise solutions in the manufacturing marketplace.Details.

Phoenix Marketing International is a premier global marketing services firm providing its clients with tailored, unique insight into their customers and markets via a wealth of existing proprietary data. With both syndicated and custom research products in industries that include automotive, healthcare, technology, finance and many more Larkin/Volpatt is working diligently harnessing the company's syndicated data to tell a broader story about the markets they work in. Details.

Low-orbitting satellites and the disruption of satellite technology overall is going to be a hot topic in the years to come. One of the most recent entrants into the satellite marketplace is Satellogic, a company in the commercial-satellite, earth-imaging, and data-stream marketplace. The company is in the process of launching their first constellation of satellites that is built in a ground-breaking mesh network that will ultimtely allow for real-time coverage of the living earth. The Larkin/Volpatt helped Satellogic define their overall message and is now telling their unique story to technology, satellite, agriculture and oil and gas industries. Look for more news from this innovative company as they launch more satellites into the atmosphere.Details.

YouNoodle is at the forefront of the Global Startup Ecosystem. Having handled the back-end technology management for hundreds of startup competitions the team was looking to expand their awareness with corporations, governments and universities looking to innovate from the outside in. Larkin/Volpatt has helped the organization develop messaging, announce funding and place stories with the technology and business media that is moving the needle for this startup.Details.

CLIENT NEWS Can Affordable Satellites For Farmers Help Solve The Food Crisis? As satellites become smaller and cheaper, they can help farmers get more precise data and squeeze more productivity from their lands. Details.